Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Manchester Caricature Booking

Very pleased to be booked to draw at a corporate event, at Manchester`s Cloud 23 Bar... A fantastic venue!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Booking A Caricature Artist? Here`s How To

(1) Don`t assume that all caricature artists have the same ability..... I have caricature artists contact me to ask me for my help, and advice on drawing live caricatures that can be found on the first page of google.
(2) Be aware that these same artists are also quoting for the same weddings, and events as I do...
(3) Ask to see footage of a caricature artists drawing live, when making your enquiry....
(4) You can also search for UK caricature artists drawing live on youtube.
(5) Make sure the artist you`re booking has plenty examples of their live work on their web site, with the people they have drawn holding their caricatures...... Reasons for an artists not having many examples on their web sites can be: Each caricature looks very similar, or that they have a low level of drawing skills, and find it hard to get a likeness.
(6) Be aware that there isn`t a governing body for the caricature industry.... to score artists on their ability for getting a good likeness, speed, reliability, and professionalism... Anyone can pick up a marker and say they`re a caricature artist.
(7) Never book with an artist that offers a low fee!!! Take this as a warning that a low fee means low quality....Don`t take the chance for your special day, or event..... I know of so many horror stories from couples, and businesses that did.
(8) If the artist you make your enquiry with isn`t available, ask them to recommend a good caricature artist.
(9) Always do your research before booking a caricature artist to avoid disappointment.
(10) Make sure you have a contract between you, and the artist.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Caricature Artist For Hire

Feel free to look at my recently updated live caricature page. I have more samples of my live work than other UK caricaturists have on their web sites....

Liverpool Caricature Booking (Photos)

Some caricatures from Saturday`s booking at The Raquet Club Liverpool

Caricature Booking Manchester

Big Thanks to Helen & Dave , for booking me to draw at their wedding celebration at the Midland Hotel Manchester

Friday, 4 July 2014

Caricature Booking Liverpool

Big thanks to Hannah Williams, for booking me to entertain at her wedding celebration in Liverpool, at The Raquet Club

Caricature Booking Yorkshire

I`m looking forward to drawing at The Tour de France in Yorkshire tomorrow. I`ve been hired to draw in the Fan park .... should be fun!!!!